Friday, January 4, 2013


brittle dawn brushes the night with cold, pale fingertips
and the void collapses.
darkness, pregnant with stars, melts
an unconquerable vastness succumbing to thin tendrils of grey

there is no struggle
and the night falls to her knees, head bowed
not as a prisoner of war
but as a sign of submission
complete trust
and the day embraces her totally
not a conqueror
but a lover

i wake,
with bleary eyes and rusty, creaking mind
i face the morning
its light creeping around my system’s gears and wheels
searching to shock them into motion

unaware of my mind’s losing fight,
my body still sleeps—
my legs intertwined with yours
hips and ass nestle while spine and back
curve gently and meet with chest
my head rests against your jaw
and your steady breath stirs my hair
reflecting your heart that with its every beat
courses heat through you, so delicious
that my skin presses itself against yours
shuddering in delight, as though starved of warmth
and my arms graze your arms
our wrists lightly kiss
and our fingers lock tightly
a castle

no child’s puzzle pieces could ever fit so well. 

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