Saturday, January 12, 2013

if wishes were fishes, we'd all be eaten by piranhas

i wish that all the worrying i do
would help.
it could generate electricity with its might
or it could shrink tumors by sheer force
it could make you feel better
or it could let him know that i’m sorry oh my god i am so so sorry please fogive me i love you

i wish that all the fear     the paranoia    the tightening and twisting of organs    the crinkled brow    the darting eyes    the wringing of hands    the clenching of teeth    the irrational thoughts    the constant whispers
could transform into productive action
could change into some kind of positive energy
that you would instantly feel through miles and miles of distance
 through telepathy or some kind of special spiritual bond
and the scratches of
what if what if what if whatifwhatifwhatifwhatifwhatif
what if WHAT
…shut up.
but what if-
i said shut up.
would be bundled up like a ball of elastic bands
and held so tightly that it would burst into
well, that definitely helped.
new york city has light again
my grandmother’s recovered from cancer

my wishing and worrying
does not defy the laws of physics and chemistry
so your grandmother’s still going to die
and millions of refrigerator contents are rotting as we speak
and you still feel like shit
and he still does too

*note: piranhas apparently don’t eat human flesh

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