Wednesday, August 10, 2011

to be

She walks across the grass, legs elegantly bending the blades, sure steady boots moulding her step into the ground. Her long golden hair, ending far below her waist, ripples in the flecks of sunshine that shower down past the enveloping branches of the trees. She makes her way resolutely to the swingset, her choice already made from afar. She is dressed all in black on this still summer day, cooler than past days, but warmer than the ones to come. She gently drops her purse and sweater and sits on the swing, calmly grasps the chains, and digs her toes into the earth

high and higher, her hair dancing now behind her
wind rustling through the empty spaces between fabric and skin

she smiles
a smile that can only be described as

pure                                       complete                                                           joy

enjoying life as only children can,


being Happy as only children can,

by Being

fixes her eyes upwards
and mine travel there too
where I see a network of translucent green
the veins and blood of the leaves
weaving a web of protection
of safety
of love

looks only upwards as she swings higher
her teeth shining brighter
her smile widening further
her eyes open



and in those moments,


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