Wednesday, April 27, 2011

you only live twice--once when you're born and once when you look death in the face

You said yesterday I'm so bored of life, I wanna kill myself.

And to that, I answered Well, why don't you?

But you won't, and you know you won't, and I know you won't because you don't have the nerve and you only wanted the attention.

But seriously. Try it sometime.

Go out into the street and stand in the middle of it and watch the oncoming car screech and stop two inches from you

or maybe it will hit you.

Go out in the middle of the night wearing a low cut dress, no panties, and high high heels and then

run from the men trying to rape you.

Go out and make connections with dealers and do drugs like heroin cocaine and methamphetamine

get addicted and then dig yourself out of the hole you created

or you could always go into Mexico and join the drug trade there, I'm sure they need your help.

Go out and join the army then position yourself on the front line, take a gun, and pretend you're playing a video game

but if you die you don't have three lives, you only have one, so that kind of sucks.

Go out to a less developed country and hold the starving baby in your arms, watch it as it dies and then watch

as its twelve year old mother dies also.

Go out into Alaska and sit in the snow and the frigid cold and watch the aurora borealis as it dances across the sky.

Go out and travel the world by foot and by train, with the minimum amount of money to survive

placing your faith in the kindness of strangers.

Go out and climb Mount Everest and when you get to the top, sit cross-legged and contemplate your frost-bitten limbs.

Go out to a party, get drunk, then drive a car with your best friends inside and watch as they burn, trapped inside the car.

Go out and watch a horse give birth to a colt, then turn 180 degrees and watch as a lamb gets slaughtered right before your eyes.

Go out and cut yourself open and hand your heart to the ones you love most on a silver platter

then watch as they grin and accept your heart, then walk away from your life forever.

Go out and actually try to better yourself instead of whining for attention and digging yourself deeper into the hole that you let yourself

lie in, complaining that you can't build your own ladder to dig yourself out because it takes too much work and you'd actually

have to change the way you look at yourself, your relationships, and your life.

So after you've done all of these things, come back to me, tell me you're bored of life,

and I promise you, I will personally place the noose around your neck and shove the chair out from under you.

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