Monday, March 14, 2011


The sky is leaden black. The whole world darkens and an unbearable stillness eats at everything. Creeping electricity crawls through the lining of bones, raising the fine hairs of every living creature. Feel humanity's pulse slow down to a faltering halt as the I and the you, simple names and meaningless words, melt into non-entities.




We are nothing yet part of everything. 

The old-world belief in religion rises within me. My human brain succumbs to the overwhelming sense of universe&world and the mystic awe of nature permeates entirely. Spreads its tendrils, gently suffocating my cries of <this is not truth>

We are more insignificant than we'd like to believe.
Once accepted, this can save us.

The thunder growls and I can easily imagine God or Thor or Zeus rolling around the heavens in a chariot. Time stops and ears, no, not ears, beings surge toward the anticipated

One drop falls and my heart resounds in my head. My breath unsticks from the back of my throat and curls from me as drop after drop of water soaks into it all--plants, earth, blooded creatures--and we all become ONE.

I am alive.

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