Thursday, February 3, 2011

the end of the world (XV)

the lions and lambs ain't sleeping yet
though it's falling dusk and the fireflies are flicking their lights
on and off, signalling the return of night

this is their territory now, no one else has the right to be here
you predators and prey, you have already had your chance
in daylight, you have staked your births and deaths
now it is time for you to sleep

the nighttime holds the space for the peace-bringers
the owls and bats, navigating through black limbs of trees
echo their news across the landscape
wings whistling sonar

the nighttime is when the cowards creep from under their burrows
the hyenas scavenge on the rotting carcass of antelope
the maggots and moss already breaking down life to continue life

yet the lions and lambs ain't sleeping yet
they howl their discord into the dark
opening their throats to wail out their dominance

and the creatures who own this territory now
look upon the scene that unfolds
with eyes full of the fear only animals can produce

the chase, over before the blink of an eye
shutter goes down click shutter goes up
and the squeals of defeat tremble in the air

we are not done yet we still have lives and lives to go
after what you did to us and our ancestors
we will cordially return the favour

said the lamb as he killed the lion and dug its teeth into the wet hide
blood boiling over white wool as the herbivores thirsted for flesh

your era is over
king of the jungle
and now we, the meek
rule this earth

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