Thursday, January 6, 2011

obsession ii (XI)

i've been learning how to know you
truly know you without touching you
without even looking at you
i can simply close my eyes and feel you
radiating before me, your body pulsating
across from mine and the distance between our flesh
thick with impenetrable electricity

i've tattooed your form on the inside of my eyelids
your autumn hair cascading down your curved shoulders
your green eyes taking ahold of me and drowning me
in the ocean of your enlarged pupils
your skin, white from years of sitting inside
and naming the sun your worst enemy

your fingers, long and fragile, quick and flexible from a lifetime
of piano and woman loving
your legs, stretched out before you, the feet pointed towards the floor
thighs open, pale neck stretched so your head lolls backwards

you are a goddess and i cannot help but worship you
i cannot help my eager and clumsy attempts to make love to you
true love to you and for you, and maybe you can love me too
maybe if i make you breathe fast enough
or maybe if i make the sweat pour down your breasts
maybe if i can get you to say my name or to say
'babe you were good' with that smirk that barely shows your wolf teeth

and maybe if i could become the best lover you ever had and ever will have
if i could have access to those lips
oh god, those lips that part ever so slightly
as the smoke that comes out curls over your chin and cheeks
and reaches my mouth and enters my throat and lungs
to coat my organs with tar and sex appeal

if i could swim in that smoke, if i could just conquer that mouth of yours
i could catch you, beautiful bird, and cage you in my heart
keep you there until you cried out that you'd had enough, but i would not let you out
because don't you know, when you love someone, they belong completely to you
and only to you

i swear that tonight i will make you mine
you will not escape until i consume you
eat you, drink you, and our bodies interweave
until i become you and you become me
and we burn up in flames as we consummate our love.

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