Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the best day of your life (XVIII)

i'm a modern man
i wake up in the morning at eight
bleary eyed, i stare at the ceiling and remember
that my wife has left me because she said
i was too boring

i look down underneath my sheets
and decide my erection is not that important
so i turn and set my feet on the floor
stand up and make my way to the door

i piss shower shave brush my teeth
put on boxers pants belt socks
undershirt buttondown and knot my tie
in a windsor

head to the kitchen where i make coffee
black coffee
and toast, only slightly burnt
look at my watch
leisurely eat my breakfast
while leisurely looking out the window
at the fluffy clouds and bright searing blue sky
that seem to say good morning you're awake live life today

i fumble to find my keys in my briefcase
open the car door
turn on the engine and back out of the garage

driving down the road, i clear my mind of all negative thoughts
remember my childhood my wife my aborted child
my parents who think i'm good for nothing
my boss who fired me for not responding to her come ons
my friends probably still unconscious at the bar

i close my eyes
take a deep breath
exhale and smile

it's going to be a beautiful day
the best goddamn day ever

and run that red light right into the line of traffic.

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