Saturday, December 25, 2010

xi: merry christmas

won't you hold me through the night
your hand fitting puzzle piece into mine
your other hand laying on my thigh
and our legs intertwined

won't you hold me 'til the morning
as i wake up to your steaming breath
making droplets of water on my neck
and our sweat overpouring

won't you hold me 'til you must go
and as i smile and kiss your hair
i open my eyes and find my teddy bear
enclosed in my arms instead of you

won't you hold me anyway
though you are probably in your own bed
making love to your new girlfriend
i'll just pretend you're mine yet another day


  1. `waiting for the day your work is published! it`s too good to only be on blogger (though I`m grateful it`s here and that you share it with us)