Tuesday, December 21, 2010

viii: pity, he looked just like my ex too

officer, forgive me please
i truly didn't know i was speeding

no, i'm not under the influence
you can see that my pupils aren't dilated
i can walk more or less in a straight line
i can't say the alphabet backwards
but i can count from 1 to 100

oh, sure you can check the car
but i don't think you're allowed to do that
as you can see, i don't have any alcohol
or illegal drugs in my glove compartment

that smell in the backseat is my carrion flower
carrion flower, yes, you know the flower
that smells like rotten meat
no, it's big and it's quite rare

it's in a body bag because it needs oxygen conservation
and that was the biggest thing i could find to fit it in
no, i swear, officer, i'm not pulling your leg
i don't think it would be wise to check

i really don't think it'd be wise for you to check
officer, because now i need to find another body bag.

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