Sunday, April 25, 2010

v: delilah

it's all talk.

you're his girl and he has you
because he's your man and you love him
and as the affection scrapes against the wall 
(so sweetly o sweetly would you touch me?)
your legs bear the imprint of his hard kisses 
when you sit down on the dirty linoleum floor
you are so full of joy

laughing away the spirals that burst in your mind
that find you sprawled at the bottom of the stairs
that come tumbling down like a rainbow-
the forest greens and deep lilac purples
the crimsons, the midnight blues
all the vibrant colours 
that sprinkle down when you twirl around in your pale white dress
you are so full of life 

grazing your mottled skin 
holding you like shadows, his fingers 
leave purple marks (but gently so gently)
without the stroke of his hand against your cheek
you can't function one day

so full of love


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