Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i become fragile in summer
i'm a wound spring whose arc
punches the air when it springs forward
but moves in slow motion when it springs

the heat overpowers everything
the sidewalks blaze with illusionary water
the wind stifles itself on the flowers and grass
one can even see the butterflies' flight in a zig
zag of heat

i fall down every single day at exactly eleven o'clock
and wake up one or two hours later
dizzy, dry-mouthed, and disconnected
until nine o'clock when i begin to struggle to keep

my body starts to shut down
my mind no longer allows logic in through the back door
so it must content itself through the attic window
while emotion floods through the doors and walls
pervading the rooms

my lungs no longer function properly
i can't breathe in deeply and i panic thinking
it's another asthma attack but my heart
is too slow to take the signal and my bones have been melted

everyone thinks they need a break
but if you try to relax you start to lose your mind
and you pray for stress and anxiety
anything to make your mind prey on so you don't get
bored to death.

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