Sunday, December 19, 2010

salvation by death (XVI)

we're still screaming
traumatized by our sudden change of environment
dripping in placenta and blood
we expand our lungs to take our first breath
of that sky earth life
that we will take for granted until we die
still screaming
dripping in cum and blood
the thoughts running like mice on a wheel
why didn't we take another look
why the fuck didn't we take another look
at the grass
at her eyes
at ourselves
we take our shrunken wrinkled souls in our hands
the souls that look just like we used to when we were born
the souls that we ignored for years because we thought
we could always use them later
now, we take them into our hands
we hold them carefully like something precious about to die
and we wait for the explosion to come and take us
we wait for the fire to restore us

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