Friday, July 16, 2010


Are we human or are we dancers?* She asked me as I was sitting on the grass today. What's the difference? I asked in return, squinting at her through my slit eyes. I'm not sure. I think that dancers are crazy and humans aren't. That's just ridiculous. We're all crazy, not just dancers. No, think about it. Not just dancers, but artists in general. They're all crazy, at least the good ones are. They're all tortured even if they pretend they aren't. How could you not be, trying to satisfy not only yourself but everyone else through uncertain means?

i trace the word beautiful across your chest
with my heavy breathes
i want nothing more
than to hold you to my lips,
breathe you in, feel you burning in my blood.*

I have seen the enemy and he is us. He will destroy us, burn our fields, rape our women, kill our men. He will not come all of a sudden, he will creep up like ink across a page. The poison will begin at our feet and infiltrate our skin. Our blood will turn black and when we finally realize what is happening to us, we will already be dead. Not physically, but spiritually, emotionally. We won't have enough strength to awaken our minds from their stupours. We will be dead inside.

Memento mori. *How man times has this subject been breached? To be, or not to be. That is the question. *The most famous soliloquy of all time was recited by a lazy immature man who couldn't get up without destroying something. Is it better to wate time by turning over phrases in your head, agonizing about what sounds good and poetic and what doesn't or is it better to stop the so-called creative process and actually do something? Either way, you're still wasting time. It's better to do what makes you happy. You only live once, so why waste it wondering about the things you only think you can't do? Why waste it by regretting what you did? Why not just suck it up and live with it? You made a mistake. It's okay. Really. We all make mistakes. We're human dancers.

Come to me, children of the night.* I will make you sing. I will make you feel, bleed. I will show you, by death, what life truly means. I think I'm close to being a vampire. I have become nocturnal. I go to sleep when the sun rises, at about six a.m. I wake up at eight in the evening. I go walking at night when everyone should be asleep. Should be, but isn't. You'd be amazed by the things you learn about people at night. They step out of their shells like a Bond girl stepping out of her dress. You can literally see their thought floating out of their heads like wisps of smoke from a cigarette. In the daytime, people are always on their guards, as though the sun would melt them if they said what they actually believed. I've been thinking lately about how the stars have shaped us. I don't know much about science but what I do know i if there's a God, Heaven will be among the stars.

Mama, take your love outside. We can't use it anymore. There comes a time when we must say "That's it. No more. I will not subject myself to this anymore." I don't know when we will think of these words or when we will have the courage to stand up and say them, but I hope the time will come soon. Sometimes, we have to know when to scream from the rooftops FUCK YOU and sometime, we have to know how to handle the cards as they have been dealt. We gotta know when enough is enough and when to deal with it. Rock 'n' roll, baby. Rock 'n' roll.

*lyrics from the song "Human" by The Killers
*poem written by the user bethlehem is burning from GaiaOnline, found in the Original Poetry/Lyrics subforum in the Writer's forum.
*Memento mori (latin): Be mindful of death
*'To be or not to be. That is the question.' from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare
*'Come to me, children of the night' is a spin-off from 'Listen to them, children of the night' from the movie "Dracula"

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