Saturday, April 17, 2010

i: just a lil bit of respect

because you and i are living the same way
i become incensed when you walk out
the door banging open/closed as i struggle to put my clothes
you don't have much time to spend
but you're a miser who keeps everything locked up
just in case you'll need it in the future
like the thousands of cake mix boxes your grandmother had stocked
in her cupboard so if the russians came
she could stuff herself until they got her
and then she'd survive on her fat

but the russians never did come
and those cake mix boxes rotted off the shelves
just like all that time you don't spend will stagnate
(but it doesn't work that way)

but why am i complaining so much
you and i both know damn well that if we switched positions
i'd be the one running the marathon
timing my pace to see how fast i could get out the door
without having to talk about it and say


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