Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the afterlife

when i got to the gates
st. peter was there with his list
and when i told him my name
he told me to go right in, that he was expecting me

i apologized about my lateness
the traffic had been bad
because the doctors were pretty pissed
about having to be stand-ins for Mr. Deity
and they had had some problems with the people not dying

he said it was alright and that he was expecting it
he told me he was just so tired of everyone thinking his job was easy
and how everyone thought they actually knew him

"as though they actually think they know what i really want"

"but after all, the doctors are only human"

"that's true. and they work hard enough at their jobs as it is."

he then told me that because i was an atheist
i couldn't be accepted into heaven
but that i had been a good enough person
that my time in hell would be made as painless as possible

"i hope you don't have any hard feelings"

"oh no, it's fine. i always knew this would happen."

"you'll have fun i promise. lucifer's swell. when you get down there
tell him to chill with the pills, okay?"

when i got down there, i was taken to headquarters.

atheist. mild punishment.

"hey, you're the new kid right?"

i turn around and see a muscular, twenty year old man
with tanned skin and deep black eyes
that seem to
and hold it

"i'm lucifer. nice to meet you. you are-"

"i'm the new kid."


"god told me to tell you to chill with the pills."

"you can tell him to fuck off."

"i can't. i'm stuck in here."

"no, you're gonna go back. people like you always get to go back."

"but i'm an atheist."

"you're not a bad person. you don't belong here."

"but i don't belong in heaven either."

"no, you belong on earth."

"so reincarnation is real?"

"in a way. your body will rot in the ground but when you were still alive
your soul was broken up into little pieces
like petals off a flower
and stuck into the souls of others."

"so i have no soul?"

"no, you do. you have only one petal of your original flower left
all the other petals came from the others."

"the others?"

"the others who influenced your life in any way."

"so...where am i supposed to go?"

"anywhere, really. you may stay here or go to heaven or go back to earth.
you're free to do as you please."

"i thought we were constrained to the separate worlds according to our deeds done on earth."

"we are. but since you aren't bad enough for hell and not good enough for heaven, you get to choose where to go."

"and if i don't want to go anywhere?"

he took me by the arm and led me to a garden of flowers
each with different coloured petals

"then you get to stay here.

you can find beauty even in hell
just as in heaven you can find ugliness
and on earth you can find both."

"can you find happiness in hell?"

"no. you can only find regret."

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