Saturday, January 16, 2010

a softer world 55 word stories part i: it's hard for us to adapt after so many years of change

just go: I see my sister, curled up, rocking, the flames licking her teddy bear. Mother's already reduced to ashes because she tried saving Dad's photograph. For the past weeks, the nightmares about the fire haven't stopped. So today, I decided I'd make them end by spreading my arms and jumping off Brooklyn Bridge. Just fly. 

one last desperate hope: I had a dream ten years ago about the perfect woman. Since then, I've been trying to capture her in every photograph I take. The kitten in the grass is her laughter. The cherries on the tree are her footsteps. The only bench in the park is her dress. That little girl is her. 

I could never deny her anything: He should have known from the beginning: the wedding, the dress, the cake. Even after the dizzy spell of puppy love fainted, she still always wanted the best. So when she said 'No. Higher', he didn't have the nerve to tell her he was actually poor. It would have been a blow to her love. 

shrapnel: My heroes are John Lennon and Oscar Wilde. They both knew what it was like to create beauty where there had been none before. But did they know that after they died, their fans would invent bombs that killed people with love and art? Did they know there'd be a war made out of peace? 

while you count clouds: I get so nervous around you, I don't remember how to think in words anymore. All that comes to mind is zero one zero. How about the sushi we ate? Did that cost zero zero one one one zero zero one or did you pay? Do you know what 'I love you' is in binary? 

Is it a boy or a girl? Maybe. : My dad's favourite bedtime story is about how I was born. He tells me about the doctors and how they'd bet money on heads (girl) or tails (boy) and see on which side the coin landed. After all, they were only human and it wasn't their fault that God had given up on his job. 

birds gotta fly: Our town had never experienced a flood before so of course it was a shock to everyone when the water reached the computers and phones. They all rushed to save perishables but I knew it was a waste of time. The only thing that would save us all now was having a giant pool party. 

true dreams: I woke up today and felt as though the ceiling were crashing in on me. I called my therapist and hysterically babbled something about the sky falling down. But she just reassured me and told me it was all going to be okay. The symptom I was feeling was part of the disease called love.

no, honey, you look fine: When I married you, I thought that you'd always look as beautiful as you did the first day I saw you, even when you got to be sixty-four. But after that horrible accident, I guess I realized that people change and that immortality doesn't equal youth. It only equals interminable sadness in you. 

Terrorism delays vote, kills. : This morning when I turned on the news, I saw planes crashing into the two buildings in NYC where my sister works. I immediately called her and on the fourth ring, she answered. "What!" "Turn the TV-" "Look, I've got a deadline in an hour. I don't have time for this." And she hung up. 

I've got poodles, yeah, I've got pomeranian gladness in my heart! : My mom changed her name from Cruella de Vil to Patsy years ago when she began the hobby of skinning dogs and making them into fur coats. It scares me that everyone thinks she's kidding but I can't stop being afraid of what will happen when she finds out that babies make excellent gloves. 

Oh man. What could happen next? : Rachel died first, just like we all knew she would. Then Matt. Then Justin. Soon, it was just us four. It was kinda cool, 'cause we were like, being tested to see who was the smartest and stuff, but at the same time, it was kinda scary 'cause like, we were all still gonna die. 

why not smile? : For hundreds of years, the statues in the parks had been frozen. When they finally came to life, they realized that if they moved, the world as they knew it would probably end. Sure, they wouldn't have to be shat on by pigeons anymore but they wouldn't be able to make fun of humans either.

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