Friday, November 10, 2006


There are some words in every language that have been used so much and have so many dictionary meanings that no one knows what they mean anymore. One of those words is hate, and of course, the opposite, love.
There are three different kinds of love: family love, friendship love, and relationship love. I suppose everyone is clear on the first two meanings of love, but the third one is much more difficult to understand. I could say that many teenagers think of love as two young people staring into each other's eyes and feeling like forever or as two broken, bleeding hearts.
When you're thirteen, you think that the intense crush you have is love, or that the few pleasurable moments you spend holding hands and making out with your boy or girlfriend is love. I suppose as you get older, the meaning you conceive changes over time.
When you think you want to spend your whole life together with someone, you marry and have babies, and instantly, you become parents. Some are enchanted by this fact and some are annoyed and frustrated by the constant shouts at random hours in the night. As the child grows up, you are confronted with more problems than you dreamed of. Your husband (or wife) doesn't listen to you anymore and your child has just begun her (or his) adolescence. Suddenly, you are facing a reflection of yourself and you try to correct your mistakes of so long ago with shouts and pleas.
As you grow old and your grandchildren stop visiting you because of the impending difference of age, you sit back in your hundred-year-old rocking-chair and open your book of memories and remember all of the good and the bad times with your spouse. You remember all of the times that you cried and laughed, all of the times that you sunk and all of the times that you rose, and as the day ends, you go to sleep with a smile on your face. You remember all of the times that you thought that the world had come to an end, when your love kept you holding on, and the times through despair, that had finally come to this moment of twilight. 

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